National and International Exhibitions

A unique space art work reaching more than 3 million in 2.5 years of continues exhibitions, India, France, Guatemala, Peru, Argentina

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Scientific Advisory

The project is under multy skilled scientific advisory

Artwork Name: Estrellas Ancestrales
Producer: Pinceladas Nocturnas
Description: The Mayas reflected their advances in astronomy in art, stelae, monuments and codex. They developed scientifically advanced calendars capable of predicting eclipses.
Currently, the use of the Cholq ‘ij calendar is very important because of its ceremonial use in the Mayan communities by timekeers.
Location: Guatemala, Mayan sacred sites.
Expositions: Guatemala, France, India, Peru, Argentina
by 2020: Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, France, India
Opening: July 31st 2017 and continues to the date
Show details:
Number of pieces: 22
Suitable for: General audience
Target audience: 14 – 18, Adults
Technical specifications:
Format: Variable to large formats
Production technologies: long exposure, Time-lapse, HDR, Panorama, Image Integration
Languages: spanish/english/kakchiquel