Sergio Emilio Montúfar Codoñer

project director

Guatemalan, one of the most recognized Astrophotographers and Natural Night Activism in Latin America, International Awar Winner, the International Dark Sky Association awarded him the international award “Dark Sky Defender” for his efforts in the conservation of the dark night sky.

He is a science communicator, astrophotographer, and dark skies activist.

He is an advisor and collaborates with the enhancement of the Cultural and Natural Astronomical Heritage of Guatemala in the Delegation of World Heritage of the General Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Vice Ministry of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala Affairs.

He served as official astrophotographer of the Planetarium Ciudad de La Plata of the National Observatory of the Faculty of Astronomical and Geosphysical Sciences of La Plata, Argentina.

He is the Official Astrophotographer of the La Cuenca del Mirador Archaeological Project and the Semetabaj Archaeological Project.

He is an Associate Researcher at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

He collaborates with institutions in outreach the Astronomical Heritage, among which is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala.

He has collaborated with the Guatemalan / Chubut-Argentine Tourism Institute

He is Delegate in Latin America of the Latin American International Dark Association, Brand Ambassador of DJI, Fornax Mounts and Photonightscape Awards.

He is a pioneer in scientific communication with works of art produced for live exhibitions, planetarium shows and virtual reality environments in various countries around the world.

He is an astrophotography instructor and lecturer on light pollution.

He has been invited by various international private and public institutions to exhibit his work, including the European Space Agency ESA.

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