Sergio Emilio Montúfar Codoñer

project director

Multi Awarded – Dark Sky Defender (IDA) – Most Creative Mind (FORBES)

Sergio was born in Guatemala City in July 1982, he was raised by his parents, at low age he showed great passion for the stars. In the year 2013 he traveled to La Plata, Argentina, so starts his career in astronomy.

Recognized astrophotographer and lightpollution activists, collaborating as part of the board of directors of the International Dark Sky Association.

His solo art exhibitions have reached millions in more than 16 countries. Published in TV, Radio, Magazines, Science Outreach Media more than 100 times. 

Over the years, he provided advisories, lectures, events, art exhibition related to the astronomical heritage to many international institutions including the European Space Agency in the spaceforinspiration event in 2018, where he was commissioned to inspire the crow that included NASA with the message“let’s go to the moon and stay”.

In 2013, he started his studies in astronomy at Universidad de La Plata and since 2014, he served as official astrophotographer of the Planetarium Ciudad de La Plata in Argentina, this important event led him to direct time-lapse and astrophotography of El Camino Eterno Full Dome and movie theater documental, produced several outreach media contents in different platforms including VR and Full Dome.  

Documenting the Argentinian astronomical heritage provided him with skills to work next to professionals of heritage including full support from UNESCO Guatemala. His close work with scientist provided him skills to create projects oriented to identify, research, document and value the astronomical roots of the Maya in Mesoamerica, project that also started at Peru with the Inca. 

He collaborates with La Cuenca del Mirador and Semetabaj archaeological projects. 

He is also part of the research team of Universidad del Valle de Guatemala as Associate Researcher of the humans and physics units. 

His outreach strategy is through official channels, providing lectures, workshops and art exhibitions in foreign affairs events, academical workshops including architect, archeologist, astronomers, engineers, public and private institutions and schools. 

He directed outreach programs oriented to light pollution, starts the dark sky movement in Chubut, Argentina in 2015 in collaboration with Chubut-Argentine Tourism Institute, Gualjaina Municipality, Trelew Planetarium and local photographers. In 2013 he started the landscape astrophotography development program and light pollution movement in Guatemala, becomes  Delegate in Latin America for IDA, Brand Ambassador of DJI, Fornax Mounts and Photonightscape Awards.

He currently collaborates with Guatemalan Tourism Institute.

His art express his long time affair with the stars. 


  • 2020 Photonightscape Awards (France)
    • Special Mention
    • People Choice
    • 1st. Place Nightscape Category
  • 2020 International Dark Sky Association
    • Dark Sky Defender
  • 2020 FORBES
    • One of the most creative minds in the region.
  • 2020 Seguros Universales
    • Nominated as “Illustrious Guatemalan” in sciece category.
  • 2020 Artis of the Year Association
    • “Ricardo Mata” medal as Artist of the Year 2020 in artistic photography. 

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