Sergio Emilio Montúfar Codoñer official site

  • welcome to Pinceladas Nocturnas 

  • A dark sky artistic project lead by Sergio

Credited as One of the Most Creative Minds of the Region by FORBES

  • Awarded with the Dark Sky Defener Award by the International Dark Sky Association

Guatemalan Artist of the Year 2020 by Artist of the Year Association 

  • Nominated Illustrious Guatemalan by Seguros Universales 

  • Special Mention, People Choice, First Place main category of International Astrophotograpy contest PNA

  • Latin American Record of 7 Astronomy Picture of the Day of NASA 

Served as the First Official Landscape Astrophotographer of La Plata Planetarium of the National Astronomical Observatory of La Plata

Serving as the first official astrophotographer dedicated to light pollution activism of the region 

Astronomy Heritage Specialist 

AstroTurism Specialist

Science Event Producer 

Science Communicator 




Project Creator & Director 

A Human…

Pinceladas Nocturnas